Company Profile

FUJI Elevator opens a window of the world by  high tech.
It is competitive in the global markets because of the high quality.
Let’s listen to the bell comes from the Bank of the Rhine river in Germany, feel the gorgeous charm of magical art in the air.
We always pursue our objectives as time goes by.
FUJI Elevator is always engaged in researching into, developing, manufacturing various building traffic and transport systems such as elevator, escalator, moving walk etc. Through the centurial trials and hardships, FUJI Elevator never changes its advanced technology.
FUJI Elevators safely operate in all kinds of high grade buildings in over 100 countries and regions. As time flies, it continues the rigorous and conscientious spirits of the German nation. FUJI Elevator popular-fixes the most superb elevators and escalators all aver the world and opens the gate of the artistic elevator palace.
As a distinguished figure in the contemporary elevator industry, FUJI Elevator witnesses the past and strides forwards a bright future. It connects classical German art with the advanced modern technology. It links the western european buildings with the eastern chinese style buildings.
From now on, space talks to light, aesthetics combines with high tech. Grace integrates with comfortable operation. It wholeheartedly creates a smooth urban sight line. It starts a big vision of FUJI brand.
As a professional “one-stop” elevator and escalator solution plan supplier, FUJI Elevator intergrates the elevator research, development, design, manufacture, sales, installation, repair, maintenance, transformation into one.